One year ago today… July 5, 2016 at 3:18 pm



This day last year I presented my first ever show on BBC Radio London. I made the move having decided not to renew my contract at LBC. It’s never easy making such a move. LBC does what it does very well and continues to grow. BBC Radio London gave me the opportunity to play around with a different kind of late night talk radio. London can be a lonely place at night and as well as letting people voice their views on whatever happens to be the topic of the day, it is clear many in the city just want to talk.

I think we have built up a lovely and unique late night radio community where you are never quite sure what might be discussed. For some reason the midnight hour seems to be very popular and with a sense that ‘anything can happen after dark’. It’s a joy to present such a show and it certainly fills a gap in the capital’s late night airwaves.

Thank you to everyone who is part of it and continues to support it. It’s a special time to be on the air: Sunday to Thursday, 10pm, BBC RADIO LONDON…

Onwards and upwards…

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